Somewhere in the nineties, a couple of guys started to organise punk, hardcore and metal shows in “Punkhol” Cafe Erica in Erica (Drenthe, Netherlands). The little venue could hold 150 people and grew into a great DIY underground location.

Springboard for bands and regional binding factor

Bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, Altar, Cold as Life, Tech-9, Born from Pain, Comin Correct, Seein Red, Discipline, the Collywobbles, NRA, The Apers, Undeclinable Ambuscade and many many more hit the stage. Maik Reuvers, organiser from the beginning, was also DJ at Radio Emmen. His show, called “Raggen met Reuvers“, was  an underground punk and metal show. All this helped creating a springboard for local upcoming bands in the area like Blindsided, Dogspine, Gantor, Unmasked, Wasted Days, Nitrogen, War To End Hate (later Panzerfaust) and Cease Assistance (later Instil) who even toured many times through Europe. The die-hard visitors formed a crew called Z.O.D. crew (Zuid Oost Drenthe Crew). Back then the crew attended at many shows and festivals.

In 2015, some of the guys were woken up from their long hibernation, when Maik Reuvers launched the idea to put up a revival festival to honour the old days. Pitfest was born.

All Pitfest editions sold out

The first edition (april 2016) with Born from Pain, Sinister,  Herder, Distillator, Bodyfarm and many more was a big success and sold out. Combine a fantastic atmosphere with a killer line-up and a great location and you get an unforgettable event.  That was the trigger to make this festival the best  for all you (extreme) metalheads, hardcore kids and punkrockers!

The 2017 edition sold out three months in advance, with bands like Napalm Death, Crowbar, God Dethroned, Angel Crew, God Macabre and No Turning Back on the bill!

In 2018, Pitfest expanded. It grew into a 2 day event, on an new (outdoor) location in Erica. And it sold out again with bands like Bloodbath, Altar (original lineup), Victims, Witchery, Martyrdöd, Vader, Tankard, Knuckledust and so many more….

Our fourth edition, in 2019, sold out in advance again. We welcomed visitors from all over the world en got a lot of great feedback. The band line-up included Sodom, Asphyx, Integrity, Venom Inc, Wolfbrigade, 1914, Vitamin X, Seein Red (reunion), Gutalax, Discharge, Skitsystem and many more.