opening on Thursday!

We have a small festival camping available, right next to our festival grounds! Limited amount of spots/tickets. It’s also possible to rent a Festipi or a KarTent!

We changed a few things on our 2020 campsite for the better. 
On our campsite you will find:
– free showers (opening on set times)
– more and regular toilets with handwashunits
– a camping bar / breakfast bar
– a little grocery store


Please pay attention to our camping rules. (Tent sizes, things that are allowed and not allowed to take, etc.)

Opening times / Closing times
Pifest Camping opens on Thursday the 21st of May, at 16.00.
Pitfest Camping closes on Sunday the 24th of May, at 12.00.

Tickets for the Pitfest 2020 camping are priced at € 19,75. 
– Ticket is valuable for 3 nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). If you decide to stay 1 night, you still need a normal camping ticket. 
– Every single person that stays in a tent on our campsite needs a campingticket.
Camper/Caravan tickets are priced at € 42,50. These tickets are valuable for 2 persons. If there are more people staying in the camper/caravan, you need a camping ticket for every extra person.

Rent a KarTent (limited amount)
You can rent a Kartent on the special KarTent Area on our campsite. Do you want to camp in an environmentally friendly way? A KarTent offers space for 2 or 4 people, is waterproof and is ready for you upon arrival. If you do not take it home with you, we will clean it up for you afterwards so that it can be turned into beautiful new KarTents. The cardboard materialblocks the sunlight, and maintains a comfortable temperature inside. Kartents can be bought on our ticketsite.

There’s even a DELUXE option, where you also rent the sleeping bags, air mattresses and pillows!

  • Perfect for two or four persons.
  • Waterproof, environmentally friendly, 100% recycable

Rent a Festipi Tent (limited amount!)

So, you don’t want to take your own tent to Pitfest? We might have a perfect solution for that: the Festipi Tent! There’s just a small amount of these tents available.
– Perfect for one, two or three persons
– Tents have a diameter of 3 meters
– Over 2,5 meters high. So, you can stand up in this tent!
– Perfect air circulation

The Festipi will be ready and waiting for you when your arrive at our Pitfest campsite.  You can even choose extra features to make it even easier for yourself.

Tickets can be bought at the Pitfest Festipi website:

 (Camping Tickets, if you still need those, can also be booked in the checkout process)

Shuttle Service

– If you are coming over by public transportation, you can take our Shuttle Service from the trainstation to Pitfest and back. For info see Shuttle Service.

Festival/Camping Address
Resort Zuiddrenthe
Amsterdamscheveldlaan 9
7887 VD  ERICA