Mörser is the second band of the four that are returning to Pitfest. Pure fucked up war music! Mörser exists 25 years in 2020 and Pitfest is a great party to celebrate that fact. The band, known for having 4 vocalists on stage, combines grindcore, powerviolence, death metal, hardcore and sludge into one outburst of sheer brutality.

Mörser isn’t playing a lot of live shows, simply because it’s pretty difficult to get the whole band together for a gig. But hey: they’re on Pitfest 2020! 

Tickets: https://pitfest.nl/tickets

Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/Pitfest-2020
Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/Pitfest-Youtube

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pitfestofficial/