– How can I order e-tickets? Visit our ticketshop and just follow the steps.
– I don’t like e-tickets. Can I order a hardcopy ticket? Yes you can! Check out our presale points, which can be found at our ticket page.
– I lost my ticket(s), can you help?
Just fill in your ordernumber (that number can be found on your bankreceipt or paypal receipt) and you can download your tickets here: https://www.eventree.nl/tickets-kwijt
Are there lockers available? No. We have a (guarded) wardrobe in a tent where you can leave your jackets, goodies, merch, etc.
– How do I get to Erica? Check out our travel information page with all info on that.
– Can I take my own food and/or drinks onto the festival terrain? Nope. We have plenty of food and drinks available for all of you.
– But I am allergic to your food and/or drinks / But I have a condition that forces me to eat/drink my own goods. If you bring a doctor’s statement, it’s all fine and you can bring your own drinks/food.
– Is it ok if I sleep in my car on the parking? No. Due to government rules, we can’t allow people to camp in their cars. We have a nice festival campsite where you can stay over for the weekend.
– Do I need to pay for a parking spot? Yes. The parking fee is 5 euros per day. Why? Because we are a DIY festival and we need to hire professional parking stewards and a terrain for parking.
– Is it allowed to camp in my caravan/camper on a parking spot? No. You will need a caravan/camper ticket for a nice spot on our festival campsite.
I would like to work on your festival as a volunteer. You are the best! Just visit our volunteer application form and our staff will contact you.
– Which hotels/hostels/B&B/bungalowparcs are close to Erica? We advise you to act fast on that. Erica is a small town and there aren’t tons of hotels in the neighbourhood. You can find them on our hotel page.
– Can I take my dog/cat/pet to the festival? No. Please leave your furry friends at home. There’s a lot of noise and people, so it’s for their own safety.
– Will there be merch? Oh god yes, tons of merch! The bands and distro’s will be set up in a special merch area.
– Will there be vegan food available? Hell yes. We will have different food stands, also with vegan options.
– I am the designated driver, but I’d like to drink a beer. Good for you! We will serve you alcohol free beer then.

– Can I bring my own food and/or drinks onto the campsite? Drinks: yes. Food: no. But in limited amount. Details on that can be found on our camping page.
Can I take a shower on the campsite? Yes! Showers are FREE of use and are open at set times. The opening times of the showers can be found on the campsite.
– For how many people is a caravan/camper ticket? For 2 people. You can bring more people if you want and you’ll need a camping ticket for every person on top of the two for the camper ticket.
– I need a breakfast in the morning. Good for you! We will have a great breakfast available in the camping bar.
– I forgot my toothbrush and can’t live without brushing my teeth. No worries! We will have a small grocery store set up for you.