Festipi Tents available on Pitfest 2020! | Pitfest

Festipi Tents back on Pitfest 2020!

So, you don’t want to take your own tent to Pitfest? We might have a perfect solution for that: the Festipi Tent! There’s just a small amount of these tents available…

  • Perfect for one, two or three persons
  • Tents have a diameter of 3 meters
  • Over 2,5 meters high. So, you can stand up in this tent!
  • Perfect air circulation

The Festipi will be ready and waiting for you when your arrive at our Pitfest campsite.  You can even choose extra features to make it even easier for yourself.

So get over to the Pitfest Festipi website and make sure you get one: https://pitfestvillage.nl/

(Camping Tickets, if you still need those, can also be booked in the checkout process)