Their album “In A Pitch Black Grave” was rated among the best deathmetal albums of 2017. This band was not created to play live shows. They just wanted to produce some true and brutal oldschool deathmetal.
BUT: if you put members and ex-members of bands like GraveAsphyxJust Before DawnBlood MortizedWombbath and Amon Amarth together, it would be a goddamn shame if they didn’t play live shows, wouldn’t it?

We are thrilled to announce them for Pitfest, where they will play an exclusive 2019 NL show: GODS FORSAKEN (SWE)!

Jonny Pettersson – Growls
Gustav Myrin – Lead Guitar
Alwin Bassphyx – Rythm Guitar
Anders Biazzi – Seabas
Pelle Ekegren – Drums