You have continued to buy tickets for Pitfest 2022 for the past few months. These tickets were still the same price as when we put them online in 2019.

We are confronted with increasing costs and would also like to be able to continue our festival after 2022. That is why we have to take the unpopular measure of increasing the ticket prices for Pitfest 2022, starting from January 1st, 2022.

This also means that you can still buy your tickets at the current prices until  the 1st of January.

Nothing changes for those who already have their ticket in the pocket!
A brief overview (including service costs):
– Weekend ticket (without camping): increased from 60 to 65 euros.
– Group ticket (without camping): increased from 55 to 60 euros.
– Combi ticket (festival + camping): increased from 79.50 to 85 euros
– Saturday ticket: increased from 38.50 to 43.50 euros
– Friday ticket: increased from 28.50 to 33.50 euros

– Camping ticket: increased from 21.75 to 24 euros
– Camper/Caravan ticket: increased from 43.50 to 47 euros