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Don't snooze to long on sunday mornings, dear Pitfest people.. before you know the 15 minute set is over. Oeh!


New kids on the grindcore block! A band without facebook, insta or bandcamp? No fresh tunes to listen to? What DO we know about CNNCTN LST? Well, this 3 piece grindcore band was formed in 2022 in Rotterdam. NO idea at all who is in the band!

Who is playing keyboard and do they have a drummer? To celebrate the first full lenght album, that will be released in the summer 2023 on Roedel Records (Germany), CNNCTN LST will play a couple of exclusive shows and PITFEST is one of them!

What do we know more about this band? Bryan Fajardo (PLF, Gridlink, Cognizant etc) recorded all drums for this album. Avi from Magrudergrind wrote a song. Ben Jones from Leeds mixed the album. We can also tell you when you are a fan of bands like WHORESNATION, DISRUPT, MAGRUDERGRIND, INSECT WARFARE. Don't snooze to long on sunday mornings pitfest.. before you know the 15 minute set is over! OEH!