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Chokehold (CAN)

Final European tour & Exclusive NL show!


Chokehold will come back to Europe for one more time! The Canadian vegan straight edge hardcore punk band from Hamilton, Ontario was already on our 2020 bill, but everybody knows that story by now....

The history of subcultural music (and the occasional mainstream breakouts) is rich with renegades who intertwined the personal and the political, from the MC5 to Boogie Down Productions, from Rage Against The Machine to The Refused. Cobbling themselves together in Hamilton, Ontario in the early 90s, Chokehold stood out in a scene already filled with outspoken militants and activist rabble-rousers. In their brief run from 1990 to 1996, the band managed a half a dozen EPs and two groundbreaking full-lengths, Prison of Hope (1993) and Content with Dying (1995).

Chokehold has finally captured their own lightning in a bottle with the release of their last album in 2019. Where each previous record was an improbable and accidentally magical product of circumstance, With This Thread I Hold On boasts new levels of musicianship, crisp production, and dynamics. Chokehold is as heavy as ever, yet ten times catchier.