We already confirmed Skitsystem and Venom Inc. Let’s pretend Motörhead would still be around and throw those 3 bands in a crusty and rusty Czech blender. MALIGNANT TUMOUR is coming over from the Czech Republic! This band started in the fall of 1991 in the city of Ostrava, not long after the iron curtain was torn down. MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first bands that played extreme music in their country. The band released many recordings on different formats in the D.I.Y. scene all over the world. In 2003, the lineup changed, except for the main brain and original member of the band: Bilos. The style of music went to the direction of dirty metallic crust‘n‘roll. MALIGNANT TUMOUR released six full-length albums and tons of other recordings on many different underground labels all around the world. Their latest album, called “The Metallist” was released by Canadian/Belgian underground label UNREST RECORDS in autumn 2016. MALIGNANT TUMOUR played over 1000 gigs in their history all around the world and played OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL (Czech and Japan), WITH FULL FORCE, MARYLAND DEATHFEST, UNREST FEST (Canada), PARTY SAN OPEN AIR, BRUTAL ASSAULT and BLOODSHED FEST to name a few. They also did a European tour with legendary Possessed and supported the mighty Slayer twice.