24 & 25 MAY 2019

ACxDC (U.S.A.)
exclusive 2019 NL show

ACxDC. Antichrist Demoncore. Powerviolence. So, if you are a fan of harsh grindcore / powerviolence, filled with tempo changes and breakdowns, this is your shit. 

​The band was founded in 2003 by Sergio, Pablo, Jeff, and JC. Within 2 years of playing together they released the Jack Trippin’ Demo, He Had it Comin’ 7″, and had 2 tracks on the Signs Of An Impending Doom Compilation. They quickly made their mark in the power violence/grindcore scene by playing tons of wild shows all over Southern California. By 2005 the band had called it quits, but in the summer of 2006 they decided to have a reunion show with all original members for one night only. Again in 2010 they reunited with a new lineup. After several lineup changes they released The Second Coming 7″ in 2011. In 2013 they released a three way split ten inch with magnum force and sex prisoner as well as a split 7″ with LA powerviolence super group TO THE POINT.