Agathocles | Pitfest


Belgian grindcore veterans AGATHOCLES are ready to burst their mincecore all over you. This grindcore band already began in 1985! They are mainly known for producing a large quantity of split seven-inch EPs. Agathocles plays a style of grindcore that they have dubbed “mincecore”.

They’re also known for numerous lineup changes since they first started, the only consistent member is Jan Frederickx (also known as Jan AG). Agathocles formed in the Belgian city of Mol, aspiring to sound like bands such as Lärm or Hellhammer. Although the band itself did not form until 1985, its original members (Jan and Erwin) had been involved in the underground metal/punk scene since the beginning of the decade, releasing compilation tapes and zines. Due to the many lineup changes, Agathocles also developed different sounds during the years. Grindcore will always dominate their music, but you can hear influences from death metal, industrial and punk on their different releases through the years.