22 & 23 MAY 2020

modern black powerhouse

Modern black powerhouse BLACK ANVIL (USA), containing former members of Kill Your Idols, is coming to Pitfest 2020.

The band formed in 2007 in New York City and released their debut album “Time Insults the Mind” in september 2009. After a re-release (Relapse) of their debut, BLACK ANVIL unleashed their first proper full-length “Triumvirate” in September 2010. This album received critical acclaim and was hailed as an “all-around monster metal album”. Pitchfork even stated, “Black Anvil’s an amazing live band and their songwriting’s as strong as their stage presence.”

Triumvirate was followed in 2014 by “Hail Death”, a 70-minute journey of intensity that further established BLACK ANVIL as a modern Black Metal powerhouse.
Constantly bringing their live ritual to the masses, BLACK ANVIL have participated in numerous high profile tours with legendary bands such as Mayhem, Watain, Immortal, Urfaust, Eyehategod and Marduk.

In 2017, BLACK ANVIL returned with “As Was”, atmospheric and melodic without relenting on any of the ferocity BLACK ANVIL have always been known for. More diverse, complex, and thought-provoking than anything they’ve done before.