24 & 25 MAY 2019

exclusive 2019 NL show

Asti. Northern Italy. March 1988. The consolidation of the friendship and the common passion for extreme violence between drummer/vocalist Giulio the Bastard (aged 14) and guitarist Alberto the Crippler (aged 17), both coming from local thrash/punk bands that didn’t fit their tastes and didn’t match their ambitions, spawned the CRIPPLE BASTARDS. 
After 5 successful demotapes and 3 x 7″ ep’s recorded between 1988 and 1993 and distributed through Giulio’s own “E.U. ’91 SerbianLeague” D.I.Y. label, the CRIPPLE BASTARDS start to build a solid reputation of merciless noise mongers. They gained cult status worldwide by releasing more than 20 EPs / split EPs, 6 full length albums, 3 anthological collection CDs and the “Falafel Grind” tribute CD with 32 international bands covering their most classic tunes.
Over the years they played over 300 shows and festivals, all over the world. To name a few: Obscene Extreme, Fuck the Commerce, Brutal Assault, Maryland Deathfest…. 
Cripple Bastards shared the stage with bands such as Brujeria, Napalm Death, Dismember, Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Nasum, Extreme Noise Terror and many more.
Relapse will be releasing their latest masterpiece, called “La Fine Cresce Da Dentro”, on november 9th, 2018. GRIND!