Japanese hc meets black metal

What if GISM, Christian Death and Bathory would meet to be thrown in a blender? DEVIL MASTER could have been the result of that. Satan would be spreading his wings laughing.

After a pair of self-issued, self-recorded cassette releases, Devil Master greeted 2019 with their first proper full-length, “Satan Spits On Children Of Light”.

“When we started, the basic influence was Japanese hardcore,” Darkest Prince explains. “But we’re all fans of goth and black metal, so eventually that seeped in naturally. The album is the fruition of that sound. 

As it turns out, the band is comprised of six practicing magicians, one of whom also happens to be a Satanist. “I’m the only Satanist in the band, but all of us believe in chaos magic to an extent,” Darkest Prince says. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted!” Of course, the Prince will be the first to concede that “it’s hard to not sound cheesy when you say your music is influenced by rituals.” But at the same time, rituals have always been a part of his life—they just used to come in a more socially acceptable package. “I grew up a really strict Catholic, so I always believed in the power of prayer,” he reveals. “And that turned into the power of the mind.” 

Though all six band members are in their 20s, Devil Master is not their first foray into the dark arts. Darkest Prince has been playing bass onstage with hardcore legends Integrity for two years, while bassist Spirit Mirror fronts post-punk outfit Blank Spell and was a member of the mostly female hardcore troupe S-21. Not to be outdone, keyboardist Dodder plays in Grave Turner with members of punk-pop darlings Sheer Mag. 

Like any self-respecting occult release, Satan Spits On Children Of Light contains 13 songs, including a piano intro and outro. But vocalist Disembody’s anguished lyrics will remain unpublished. As always, the devil remains in the details…