God Dethroned | Pitfest

back at Pitfest

God Dethroned originally formed as a death metal band. When they reformed in 1996, they switched to blackened death metal and stayed that way until the release of Into the Lungs of Hell, when they shifted to melodic death metal. Their final two albums saw a return to their original blackened death metal sound.

Sattler announced that the band would reunite in 2015, performing at the 70,000 Tons of Metal Festival in January. Later on, God Dethroned played a lot of shows and in 2017 they shot a videoclip on Pitfest and even recorded a new album ‘The World Ablaze’.

The World Ablaze is the 3rd album of the WW1 trilogy. The album got high ranks in metal charts. With lead guitarist Mike Ferguson and bass guitarist Jeroen Pomper, God Dethroned is at full strength and even ready to record a new album.