lowlands hardcore

HAWSER is a hardcore band from the southwest of The Netherlands. They formed in late 2011 and have toured throughout Europe for the last five years. The band has played some of the smallest and biggest venues the mainland has to offer.

Their sound is dark and raw with catchy rhythms and is best described as hardcore with metal and stoner influences. This use of different influences gives HAWSER a diverse and almost unique sound. In 2013, they released their first record called “Shallow Earth”, a DIY-production that was made possible with the help from good friends. The record held only six tracks.

“Young and Restless” was their first full-length release, holding 11 tracks. Signing with Farewell Records, a family of friends was the only logical thing to do. A label with a clear view with people in the right mindset for the band. “Work hard. Fuck what others think. Do what you have to do, your way. Stay young, stay restless.”

Their second full length “Tough Love” was released in 2017 through Farewell Records. This 9 track album displays a new approach to their style with a special kind of ferocity and groove. Witness HAWSER at their absolute heaviest.

New record expected in April 2020, more info to be announced soon.