comeback show

Six years after their last show LIES! will have their comeback show at Pitfest 2020.
Hardcore veterans LIES! combine elements of NYHC, thrash metal, and death metal‚ÄČto create a terrifying and heavy hardcore sound. Their riffs have the sinister vibe of Slayer combined with a downbeat stompiness that make you want to punch your best friend through a wall. Think All Out War, Kickback and Terror.

In 2011 LIES! released a demo and a studio album called “Nineties” in 2012. They played in several countries in Europe including shows with Hatebreed, Nasty and Sick of it All. The Pitfest comeback show will be a special one with old and probably also new songs.

Sidenote: Vocalist Rene and guitarist Sander played in Instil (post-Cease Assistance) which have their roots in “Punkhol Cafe Erica” the foundation of Pitfest. Rene is still a very important member of the Pitfest Crew.