melodic crust

Myteri is a melodic crustband from Gothenburg, Sweden and strongly rooted in the D.I.Y scene. The band started late 2013. And already in 2014 went on a first european tour together with the Norwegian crust band Agenda.  About the same time Mattias joined the band and replaced our former guitarist Joe. Just before that tour, Myteri released their first e.p, ‘The Silent Death’. The year after that, th first self titled full length was released.
The second full length, called ‘Ruiner’, was released in 2017 and got a ton of positive reviews. Between the records the band toured and played as much as possible.

Out on tour in Greece they recorded a couple of songs for a split-12″ with the greek crust band Procrastinate. The split was released in 2019.

Mattias quit the band late 2018 and was replaced by Ola Johansson who is also playing in the band Soze. He recently did his first tour with the band and have truly become a part of the family.