savage crust punk

Open Veins from Seattle, WA plays crust the way is should be done; raw, heavy, and unapologetically political.

Forming in 2018 with the foundation of four scene veterans with the intent of continuing the long tradition of violent metallic hardcore in the Northwest that can be traced back to the likes of the Accused.

Stylistically existing at a comfortable midpoint between the classic ‘80s UK stenchcore of Sacrilege, the Anarchocrust of heyday Profane Existence, and the melding of Power Violence and Hardcore coming from LA and the Eastbay in the late 90’s to early ‘00s. Open Veins is no mere throwback, but a truly intense culmination of the sounds they all lived and helped to shape.

They have already managed to head out on multiple successful tours throughout the US and Europe, with the sole casualties being the first two singers. Finally, the waters have settle some with the addition of new vocalist, Brandy. Bringing a more personal touch to their political attack. Lyrics have expanded to encompass more Chicana-Indigenous rights while maintaining a fierce focus on liberation for those unseen.