22 & 23 MAY 2020

grindcore tornado

Like many other grindbands out there it all started as a jam project based around mutual love for Insect Warfare and Slayer. Fast and raw is what is was all about. After our first show under the name of “Kruiskade Grind Assault” Joopie/13 joined on bass (later moved to dual vox duties) and Sick of Stupidity was born. 

New songs were shaping up and ended up to be our first 10” release “One Shot, One Kill”. Released on vinyl by Røëdel Records, CD by Give Praise & tape by RAPS Records.

Good Guys Go Grind: “Your ears will be bombarded with screeching noisy guitars and blastbeats that sound like shower of hail on the roof.” Even before the release we landed our second show ever at Obscene Extreme, and the third on Chimpyfest. After the release Bloodshed, Canadian tour + Maryland Deathfest, Grind Here – Right Now, Netherlands Deathfest, Java + Bali tour and Hellfest followed.

January 1st 2018 the split with our friends in My Minds Mine saw the light of day. Released on all formats by Everyday Hate. 

Metal Injection: “Fast as hell, tasty guitar and blasts for miles.” Decibel Magazine: “Tornado drums and whirlwind guitar-riffs covered with total hysterical screams. Everyone who has seen Sick of Stupidity live knows what to expect: six blasting powerviolence grindcore hits from hell!” The grindtrain kept on rolling and made it’s following stops at Skinfest, Deathfeast Open Air, Fekal Party, Grindcore Family Weekend and Grindfeast XL.

Early 2019 Kevin joined the ranks to fill in on the dual vox duties. The year kicked off with Dreadfest, support for the Dead Cult release show and Weakend Wase Fest. Now back to full writing mode for a future release. Keep an eye out for the local weather report, the grindcore tornado might pass by a place near you soon!