exclusive NL show

Hangggg up your boots and come party!  The Boston hardcore legends SLAPSHOT are playing an exclusive Dutch show. 

Slapshot was formed in 1985 by Steve Risteen, Mark McKay, Jack “Choke” Kelly and Jonathan Anastas. Due to the reputations of its members (formerly of Terminally Ill, Negative FX and more), the band had a relatively high profile even before its debut. The band’s lineup underwent a number of changes in their existence. Slapshot released 11 studio albums, of which the last one in 2018 called “Make America Hate Again”.

Around the time “Unconsciousness” (1994) was being recorded tragedy fell upon the band. Ex-guitar and bass player Jordan Wood committed suicide. It was this moment that brought Mark McKay back into the group socially and ultimately back into the band.With its most solid line-up in years Slapshot returned to the studio to record their heaviest album to date, “16 Valve Hate” (1995). Less than a year later – with the same line-up – the band released “Olde Tyme Hardcore” (1996). 

In July 1997, Slapshot played what was to be their last concert in the United States for five years, in Plymouth. In 2002 Slapshot played a 15-minute surprise set at The Hideaway in Cambridge, MA as part of a bill alongside Poison Idea, Kill Your Idols and more.On October 26, 2002 Slapshot was finally able to play a full set in the US for the first time in over 5 years. The show was the “6th annual Back to School Jam” in Framingham, MA and also featured Blood for Blood, Converge, Reach The Sky, Panic, No Warning, Some Kind of Hate and a very rare set by Stars & Stripes.

In 2006, Slapshot released a statement on their website announcing that the band was defunct. However, on June 30, 2007, they played at the Significant Fest 2007 in Clearwater, Florida.April 24, 2009 finally brought the world premiere of the long awaited Slapshot documentary film “Chip On My Shoulder: The Cautionary Tale of Slapshot”.

Current lineup: Jack “Choke” Kelly, Ryan Packer, Benny Grotto and Dom DiBenedetto.