22 & 23 MAY 2020

exclusive 2020 NL show

Punk’s Not Dead! Spawned at Scottish town of Edinburgh in 1980, THE EXPLOITED were created as answer to the ever-present “No Future” attitude of the time, as opposed of just being unemployed, those four fellas decided to kick ass and if they’d be without a proper job, at least they’d be doing it with some style!

Throughout the years THE EXPLOITED remained most consequently true to their roots, never selling out, never splitting up – despite countless line-up changes – and never bowing down. They’ve been accused of being dumb and causing trouble. But THE EXPLOITED are also fiercely, not to mention bluntly, socially and politically aware, covering everything from the Criminal Justice Act to the increasing use of Big Brother CCTV and never wavering from their anti-authoritarian, anti-war stance.

Despite his age (62) and physical problems in the past (hernia, heart attacks), Wattie Buchan, The Exploited’s cornerstone, continues fearlessly.