24 & 25 MAY 2019


Raise your fists, put on your kilts, drink beer and dance! The Real McKenzies are coming to Pitfest 2019! The year was somewhere around 1992, the setting was Vancouver Canada and McKenzie was looking for something new, since his band TT Racer had recently disbanded. Who would have thought that a great deal of fun could be had pilfering your parents closet of old kilts and high socks to wear on a stage on which you would perform cover songs of various bands, altered slightly, to fit a Scottish theme. Someone probably joked, If we’re gonna wear kilts, we might as well have a piper too. Of course the first thing that springs to mind is the word “gimmick”. But before you go taking things way to seriously, let’s also not forget the concept of show business. Entertainment was all a moot point with the McKenzies anyway. Because they just wanted to have fun, and you are more than welcome to have fun with them, as hundreds of thousands have. ​ Many years later, the Real McKenzies have achieved legendary status. Their live shows are highly regarded and they have been known to leave large audiences choking on their own dry mouths. It will probably take death to stop these guys from doing what they do best, and that’s kicking your ass in the face at each and every show they play.