exclusive Benelux show

Brazilian thrash metal quartet VIOLATOR, formed in 2002, is one of the most intense South American bands. They will play an exclusive Benelux show at Pitfest 2020!

You can expect a delirious, angry and wild live performance from these Brazilians. DIY or die!After their  debut album called Chemical Assault, which was released on the European continent by mighty Earache records, the boys played many shows in their home country as well as around the globe with such bands like Destruction and Malevolent Creation and also at the Japanese festival True Thrash fest in Osaca.

After several releases such as split albums and EP´s they released their LP Annihilation Process and also their latest effort Scenarios of Brutality which was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Stage One studio in Germany under the watch of a great producer Andy Classen.