fierce powerviolence

YACØPSÆ is a German band, formed in 1990. Band members: Stoffel (guitar/ voKills, since August 1990), Frank (bass, since January 1996) and Emu (drums, since May 1992).

Still active, they have played about 300 shows all over the world.

The band was formed in August 1990 in Hamburg when Stoffel (guitar/ vocals) met Pattex (drums), painting his room in a squad. After a small talk, both decided to start an ultrafast Hardcorepunk band, because their old bands had been split up. YACØPSÆ are inspired and influenced by bands such as LÄRM, ELECTRO HIPPIES, NUNFUCKERS, and SEPTIC DEATH, among many others.

After a couple of months they decided to choose the name „Yacøpsæ“, which means the plural of the name „Jakob“ with an unusual way of writing, because they didn’t want to have a „brutal“ name like most of the so-called „Grindcore/ Thrash“ bands.

After many intense rehearsals, they entered the stage for the first time in January 1991. By the band’s own account, it was „horrible, but the crowd liked it.“ In April 1991, they recorded their first demotape with 21 songs on it. To support the demo, they played some gigs in the area of Hamburg during the next months. 

By January 1996, bassist Frank (ex-SARGNAGEL) had joined YACØPSÆ. They liked the change and found that it expanded their musical possibilties. After more shows they recorded their debut CD/ LP in October 1997, called „Fuck Punk Rock … This is Turbo-Speed-Violence!!!“, which was released by the end of 1998.