We are banning single-use plastic cups and the shitload of environmental damaging junk that comes along with it. Therefore we’re introducing hard plastic cups for Pitfest 2019, with a deposit system.

How does it work? Easy: the first time you buy a drink, you pay two tokens. One token for the drink, one token as a deposit for the plastic cup. Whenever you want a new drink, give our bartenders a new token and the empty cup and you’ll get a new drink.

To exchange your last cup we offer a few options:
1. Donate your cup to 113 Suicide Prevention. You’ll find a special “donation container” at the festival. For every cup we donate € 2,50 to 113.
2. Trade in your hard, plastic cup for a soft cup with a new drink at the bar from 23.30 on both festival days (we want to reduce waste to a minimum).
3. Trade in your hard plastic cup for a collectors item: a hard plastic cup with a Pitfest print on it (while supplies last).