We are as proud as a peacock to announce this worldwide exclusive 2019 show. SKITSYSTEM is coming over! 
In 1994, four guys shared the background of playing in Swedish deathmetal bands and also the interest in d-beat and raw punk. They came to the conclusion to get together for a few beers and a jam session…That night, Sweden gave birth to a four headed monster called SYSTEM COLLAPSE, later known as SKITSYSTEM. 
With Tompa (Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates), Fredik Wallenberg, Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates) and Alexander Höglind as “founding members”, they released the 7” cult-classic  PROFITHYSTERI. In the years after that, more releases came up and the band had to handle some changes in the lineup. Very sporadically, Skitsystem can be seen live. The last time they played in The Netherlands was in 2015 on Bloodshed Fest. In 2018 they only did one show too. They shared the stage with Zeke in april on a sold out show in Sweden.

D-beat lovers are in the right place at Pitfest 2019. Next to Skitsystem, we already announced Wolfbrigade, Discharge, Varukers and Halshug!