The Toy Dolls are coming to Pitfest! | Pitfest

Pitfest brings The Toy Dolls to Erica

If you have been to Pitfest before, you’ll know there’s a big chance that there will be a big party band! The legendary British funk punks The Toy Dolls are coming to Pitfest in 2022. In 2019 the band started their 40th anniversary tour and this has been extended (partly due to the corona crisis) until well into 2022.

The band has been active in the world of punk since the late 1970s and scored a worldwide hit in 1982 with “Nellie The Elephant”, which spent more than 12 weeks in the Top 100.

The Toy Dolls are the Friday headliner for Pitfest (on Friday, May 13, 2022). In addition to weekend tickets, individual tickets for Friday are also for sale on the Pitfest website.