Pitfest | Underground metal, punk, hardcore festival in The Netherlands



Purple Plague Doctor shirt also available

A lot of people asked us for the Pitfest Plague Doctor shirt in purple. So we've decided to add this shirt to our shop too! The Pitfest Plague Doctor shirts are VERY LIMITED and will not be re-ordered once they've sold out.

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Sick Sick Sinners @ Pitfest 2022

There's a first time for everything and we always have a kind of stranger in our midst. Pitfest never had a double-bass on stage (and we don't mean on a drumkit...) and we love us some punkabilly! The sound of the band is what they call “Psychobilly Maldito”, a mix of...

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Camper/Caravan tickets running low

Please pay attention if you are planning to come to Pitfest with your camper or caravan. We have a limited amount of camper/caravan spots on our camping and these tickets are actually running low now. (All tickets you bought for Pitfest 2020/2021 remain valid.)

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