Bladecrusher (NL)

Bladecrusher (NL)


Crossover thrash from the Netherlands!

Long before the existence of mankind, when wicked storms roamed the earth, an evil king emerged from the clouds. Riding on a skin torn horse, as lifeless as it’s master. Now battered by greed and neglect, since mortal souls failed to prevail. Wielding shield and sword. Galloping into vengeance.

Soon the lands will be cloaked in darkness. For its name is Bladecrusher. And thus the tale begins in which Bladecrusher blends lyrics inspired by fantasy lore with real life events and uses these as metaphors to write about all the good and bad that mankind faces these days. Influenced by metal and hardcore punk, Bladecrusher brings that raw energy which you just can’t ignore. Prepare yourself for some fast thrash metal, varied with catchy headbang riffs and epic guitar solos. This band will appeal to both metalheads and hardcore punks.