Chemicide (CRC)

Chemicide (CRC)


Thrash metal from Costa Rica!

Chemicide has released 1 EP and 4 LP since it’s beginning in 2011 under different record labels around the world like PRC Music (CA) Concreto Records (MX) Ragnarok Records (DE) and Marquee Records (BR) and has continued to tour around the globe on a DIY format that has helped them grow in the metal community.

The band has been on multiple tours around Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Canada & Europe, playing with great bands like Destruction, Killswitch Engage, Cro-Mags, Toxic Holocaust, Cattle Decapitation, Municipal Waste, Angelus Apatrida, Saccage, Introtyl etc...

Their latest album is titled Common Sense and it was released March 15th, 2022. It was featured in Metal Hammer UK’s top 10 thrash albums of 2022 alongside Megadeth, Kreator & Destruction and has become the best album of the band so far; it helped the them connect with a bigger audience worldwide and led the band to several European and American festivals, like Into the Grave (NL) and MetalDays (SL) and Rock al Parque (CO)

For more than a decade Chemicide has sold over 10,000+ copies around the world and it has turned them into one of the biggest thrash metal acts in Latin America and the best selling act in Costa Rica.