Hatebreed (USA)

Hatebreed (USA)


Destroy everything! Exclusive Dutch show!

Let's live up to the name PITfest when Hatebreed comes to tear down our festival!

Hatebreed is probably the most dynamic and influential metalcore band, renowned for their uncompromising and intense style of music. Marrying an aggressive blend of hardcore punk and metal, they have carved a solid reputation in the heavy music world. The band members, driven by passion and grit, consistently deliver powerful and heartfelt performances, inspiring fans globally.

Hatebreed's lyrics are often socio-politically charged, inspiring self-improvement and empowerment. With their relentless energy and piercing messages, Hatebreed remains a vital force in the contemporary music scene. Their enduring influence continues to shape the face of hardcore music, making them a band of undeniable significance.