Heideroosjes (NL)

Heideroosjes (NL)


Exclusive show for North-East NL!

They have been together for 35 years, these four punk rockers. Many marriages fail sooner. Not so Heideroosjes. They keep on pounding. Since 1989, when the same four men played to their boredom as fifteen-year-old teenagers in Horst, Limburg. With three chords and a fist full of ideals. And what did that get them?

Eleven albums, countless shows at Pinkpop, Lowlands, Werchter, Pukkelpop and all those other festivals. An Edison, tours through Europe, US, Japan and South Africa with musical soulmates such as The Misfits, The Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise. Collaborations with their childhood heroes, including Lemmy from Motörhead, but also the legendary Flemish comedian Urbanus.

After their show at the SouthBySouthWest Festival in Texas, The Austin Chronicle wrote “They blew the other bands right out the front door… now there's a lesson in how to rock.”

This year the men themselves are blowing out 50 candles and the band is celebrating 35. They are celebrating with a few new songs and a handful of selectively chosen shows. Do these guys still deliver after almost 2000 shows? NRC noted in a review of their sold-out Paradiso concert in 2022: “The band still plays hard and tight.” The Flemish newspaper De Morgen reviewed their festival show in Lokeren (2021) with “Heideroosjes brought loads of energy… and conquered”

In short; 35 years old and not tired yet. Or as the four members themselves say: “Our band is like that hotel from The Eagles. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.”