Lies! (NL)

Lies! (NL)


The revenge of Lies! on Pitfest 2023

Lies! resurrected on Pitfest 2022, but due to a covid case in the band, they had to shorten their set and couldn't bring their natural energy to the stage. Please welcome Lies! back to Pitfest 2023 for a full blown hardcore set!

LIES! is a hardcore / metal band from The Netherlands. They combine elements of hardcore, death and thrash metal. The extreme vocals and pounding riffs create a terrifying aggressive hardcore sound. Lyrically it is about gripping personal events and socio-political subjects. For fans of 90s metalcore bands like All Out War, Kickback, Merauder and currently active bands like Terror, God’s Hate, Inclination, Born From Pain, Lifesick, Year of the Knife and Judiciary. The Dutch metallic hardcore band emerged out of the Groningen scene in 2011. Founded by the (ex)members of hardcore bands Instil, The Hunger, Not in This Lifetime and metal bands Expulsion, Mon’strum and Murder Manifest.