Temple Of Dread (GER)

Temple Of Dread (GER)


First Dutch show ever!

Temple of Dread is a German Death Metal band from East Frisia, formed in 2018. The band is signed to Testimony Records.

Temple of Dread play traditional Death Metal at a predominantly high tempo, largely dispensing with blast beats (as the basic beat). The songs often have classic metal song structures and are characterized by catchy melodies with high recognition value, especially in the choruses. The lyrics of the first two albums deal with human abysses, mental exceptional situations and real as well as unreal threats. At times, references are made to real and historical themes, such as the blessing of the atomic bomb at the end of World War II in World Sacrifice. Lyrically, since Hades Unleashed, Temple of Dread has pursued the concept of rehashing or elaborating on ancient themes and myths in a death metal style.