To The Wire (GER)

To The Wire (GER)


"It's hardcore time!”

Exactly in this spirit, TO THE WIRE were founded mid-2022, to unleash their raw energy on their listeners in full force.

"If nobody does it, we will do it ourselves!”

The time is just right for old-school hardcore and the Ruhrpott foursome falls on open ears. Something is different. There is tension in the air. Amongst an abundance of tough guy attitude and beatdown TO THE WIRE stand out from the crowd with their 80's and 90's influenced sound.

"How cheeky!", "How can you do that?" or "I missed that!" are the most common reactions from viewers when they see TO THE WIRE live.

The band leaves a lasting impression, so they got already booked on shows with hardcore greats like AGNOSTIC FRONT, COMEBACK KID or ABHINANDA.

Their debut album was made within the first six months of the band's formation, out of pure conviction and with a good portion of willpower.